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October 23 2017

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The sea is in my blood.

Theon Greyjoy for the art trade with @bedstrickennicky!!!

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tv shows i like: fringe (2008-2013)

People make up explanations, assign meanings to things without knowing, because it’s reassuring, comforting. But I can’t do that. Because I know too much.

October 22 2017

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I always knew I wanted to do something creative, whether it’s music or acting. So, when an opportunity arose for me to get involved in the acting world I jumped at it. - Charlie Heaton for DAMAN Magazine.

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Philippa Georgiou; Battle at the Binary Stars

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Morning and Luna, by Carl Schweninger the Younger, 1903. Oil on canvas.

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star wars gif meme ✩ [8/10] characters: Bail Organa

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All of human history has lead to this moment. The irony is we created you. And nature has been punishing us ever since. This is our last stand. And if we lose… it will be a Planet of Apes


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#whipped for: lin-manuel miranda [1/?]

“I made a movie when I was 15 years old with all my friends. This is when IMDb was a little more lax with its proceedings, so it’s listed as one of my projects. I was 15 years old; it’s a terrible movie. I wrote 50 percent of it because I wanted to kiss this one girl, and I wrote a kissing scene for it.“

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When I got there, the boss had obviously been in a massive fight with some woman. The office is all smashed up. And he doesn’t want me there at all, and then he buggers off to the pub, leaves me on my own all afternoon, with this really rude guy calling every half hour, demanding money.

October 21 2017

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I just live by the ABCs: Adventurous, Brave, Creative.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

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“I’m an alienist. That is a doctor. But instead of looking to cure a disease of the body, I look to help those who suffer from an illness of the mind. Sometimes society looks upon people as crazy. It may only mean that they are alienated from their own true natures.”
The Alienist premieres January 22nd on TNT

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To be a film-maker, you have to lead. You have to be psychotic in your desire to do something. People always like the easy route. You have to push very hard to get something unusual, something different.

Happy Birthday to Danny Boyle, born today October 20 1956!

October 20 2017

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Ewan McGregor + loveliest shots in movies

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Madelaine Petsch for Flaunt Magazine

October 19 2017

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A foggy morning at the old hunting palace. By Kilian Eng 2017

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife
— Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

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Diego Luna 📸 by Kurt Iswarienko  // Rhapsody Magazine (September 2017) 
“Hey, even in this world, there is a moment when the people have to take control.”

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