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January 31 2018

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I want you flat on your back. Helpless, tender, open with only me to help. And then I want you strong again. You’re not going to die. You might wish you’re going to die, but you’re not going to. You need to settle down a little.

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I want you to come back. With me. And I want us to be together.
GOD’S OWN COUNTRY (2017); dir. Francis Lee

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Ladies Meme » {seven/ten} women of colour » Moana
You are not my hero. And I’m not here so you can sign my oar. I’m here because you stole the heart of Te Fiti. And you will board my boat, sail across the sea and put it back.

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Screencap sketches while watching Lord of the Rings

Part 4: It’s like in the great stories, the ones that really mattered.

January 30 2018

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“Once it’s past all hope the mind goes…unnatural.”
The Terror (AMC, March 2018)

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poldark families appreciation week

day 4: the Enys family

(Lucy Boynton as Sophie Enys, Emilie Francois as Meliora Enys)

bonus Horace (the First):

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You don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty.

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FILMS WATCHED IN 2018The Florida Project (2017) dir. Sean Baker 
Excuse me. Could you give us some change, please? The doctor said we have asthma and we have to eat ice-cream right away.

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Inglourious Basterds (2009)
               Dir. Quentin Tarantino

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Andy Serkis in Death of a Superhero (2011)

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Movies in 2018 | 2/??

Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015)
dir. Michael Showalter

January 29 2018

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Pretty // Bitchin’

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female awesome meme: [4/25] lead female characters

It starts with a seed of anger. I can feel it in my hands and my chest, and that seed has to be nurtured, cultivated until it grows into a full-blown rage. Then I know that I can’t turn back. I have no choice but to take the case because the rage doesn’t abate. — Patty Hewes

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Now you’re in the sunken place.
GET OUT (2017) dr. Jordan Peele

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Photos from the London production of ‘Hamilton’, opened on December 6th 2017

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The End of the F***ing World (2017—)

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The fans of the original “Thief” games will recognize Angelwatch, one of the Mechanists’ primary buildings found in the Dayport district of the City.

High quality prints of this illustration can be found on my Society6


someone pick me up at 3AM and have night adventures with me 

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